His Majesty the King has the royal words for a governor of a provinces CEO on 8 October 2546 that if dishonest even a little then beg for curse

to have the accident, said speak like rude but must have the accident.
If not dishonest, honest and have the intention be engrossed in build the civilization,as a result then beg for renew arrive at 100 year. Who old very sure request strong. The honesty will make Thailand gets free from dangerous. Within 10 year Thailand will should thrive,the important aspect must honesty succeed and not dishonest by oneself.

HM The King comment says to a governor of a provinces CEO on Wednesday at 8 October 2546


The governor CEO who is for?

                  Particularly,The royal comment of His Majesty the King date 8 October 2546 mind populace Thai country where announces for the first time news in the royal palace on 9 October 2546 shape says that His Majesty the King be the king CEO who is never retire, shape does one's task since year 2496 by begin the project follows royal thought first idea at Khao Tao, Prajuabkhirikhan,His Majesty suggests that the duty of the governor CEO doesn't be like CEO of company because does not make money to give to a company but must build the civilization for people in the area. Be give people ability that can earn a living or speak easy that shall be make people rich. Bee not make oneself rich,from that time His Majesty warns due to anybody said the economy is going up that follow with dishonesty,His Majesty repeat everybody emphasizes work integration don't collide , moreover, HM The King prohibits dishonest anyway by His Majesty curses person dishonest. You are forbidden don't have dishonesty goes up then you are will a governor of a provinces CEO who is effective if dishonest even a little beg for curse,curse have the accident , speak like rude but request suffer misfortune. If not dishonest,The honest and have the intention in the dharma request can renew arrive at 100 year or if old then strength. Thailand will get free from dangerous at most. Repeat again if dishonest even a little beg for curse,curse have the accident. The royal comment by His Majesty to bear fruit very much for person corruption in every character because the first time in the present reign which HM The King curses person dishonest that appear to all people in the Kingdom of Thailand. We as Thai people under royal since from an ancestor must don't forget the tradition that the great king is suppose god which is have a statement be the honor and be right. Particularly with the great king person virtues like His Majesty the King in the present reign. The statement be honor as a result be from tradition that , pure say then don't recant and the part that statement be right be holiness was from the tradition that believes in that the great king has said what already give a result to originate that points the miracle happen from the royal prerogative,dharma practice of His Majesty and god protection holy thing power in the edge that battlements fully inspires everything inspires to follow the royal intention.


             Nation Associate Anti-Corruption Network ( NACN ) go up with the cooperation of many people organization part which is be the power volunteers as the citizen of the state for help each other look after
things, checking the using power of the state who pertaining to every National part gain ministers with
the honesty.
             The honest,The just,The transparent then get fix symbol brand go up to have the meaning
as follows :

              Rope circle mean unity morally strong relationship, propel turn all the time persistently,there is the progress always.

              National flag mean Thailand.

              The balance mean seeks the equilibrium,fairness,justification and the equality doesn't tend one faction.              
              Tray with pedestal mean use for invoke important factor for example glass baton.

              Glass baton mean the important factor that fix regard trend operating transparently pillar are born the fairness , besiege with messages reminds for the success whole.